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10 X (Twitter) Tips You Need to Know Now To Get Engagement!

Updated: Feb 24

Gaining engagement on Twitter / X isn’t so straightforward.

It’s simple and complex at the same time.  May it be a business brand account or a personal X account, everyone can struggle with engagement no matter the effort they put in.

So here are 10 tips to help you increase the engagement of your X account!

P.S. There are extra tips at the end.

Tip 1 – Keep it Relevant.

If you are not creating relevant content for your followers, you can’t expect them to interact! Here’s an example, you tweet about football, but all your followers are basketball fans, they can’t engage with the tweets because it’s completely irrelevant to them. Either you cater your content to your followers or find the relevant people to target your tweets at.

The more relevant your tweets are to your followers the more prone they’ll be to interact with you.

Tip 2 – Build Relationships with Your Followers!

Online or Offline, relationships have the same principles. It’s a two-way street, your followers will be more likely to engage with you if you engage with them. This could be from anything from retweeting and liking their tweets that are relevant to you, agreeing with or endorsing their opinions through replies or quote tweets and simply following them back. Through these methods, in essence, you’re promoting your followers as well,  but you have to be genuine, especially if you’re interacting from a business account.

If you’re tweeting from a brand account, it’s imperative that most of your tweets are with the intent of building your brand personality as well as showcasing to your followers that you truly want to build a strong relationship with them.

Building relationships on X is very important for a brand or a personal account, it leads to loyal and interactive followers that will support you in all of your online endeavours!

Tip 3 –  Join or Create a Community!

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” – Idowu Koyenikan

Linking back to the previous tip, if you want to get engagement a simple way is to join or create a community. This could be from creating or joining a group chat with like-minded individuals who share interests with you or possibly creating or joining a Twitter list with topics that are relevant to you.

Joining a community acts as a great foundation to find people who will engage with your content, while forming relationships with them they also promote your tweets and content that are relevant to them.

Tip 4  – Join in on trends!

Jumping in on trends is a quick path to high levels of engagement on X, may this be a viral trending topic on X or a trending topic in your niche this is a quick way to get short-term engagements. Just make sure your tweets are relevant and unique to the trend.

To identify trends, follow topics that are relevant to you as well checking out X’s Explore section where you can see trending topics from news, sports, and entertainment.

Tip 5 – Don’t tweet too much!

No one wants to be spammed! Tweeting too much can lead to your followers being annoyed especially if you’re spamming tweets of self-promotion. Even if you’re spamming your follower’s timelines with things they’re interested in this can be annoying too! Make sure to tweet often but not often enough that people go as far as muting your account or even unfollowing it!

If you’re constantly tweeting and engagement is dropping this is a sign you’re tweeting too much. You want your followers to be looking forward to your tweets, tweeting every couple of minutes is massively counterproductive to this.

Tip 6 – Know the Best Times to Tweet.

Knowing your followers in and out is crucial to getting more engagement, especially knowing when your followers are on the app. Knowing the times your followers are active and most likely to engage with your tweets is all dependent on the user and their followers. Head to X Analytics to find out the best times for you.

Tweeting at the peak times your followers are active is a massive key to engagement! Try to tweet your best or crucial tweets at these times for the best outcome.

Tip 7 – Hashtags are cheat codes!

Hashtags are the cheat code to X. Someone with literally 0 followers could still get a tweet with thousands of impressions all because of hashtags. There are multiple ways to use hashtags, from brand hashtags for allowing consumers to interact with a brand account to utilising hashtags to jump in on trends and reach more people. Hashtags receive a 16% boost in engagement!

If you’re trying to reach key communities hashtags are the best tool to do this as it’s a way to say this tweet is directed to you!

Tip 8 – Use Images!

Images are another cheat code! As humans, most of the information we absorb is visual, on a text-based social media platform such as X Images will instantly attract our eyes. Images receive a 35% increase in retweets as opposed to text-based tweets.

Just make sure the images you use in relation to your tweet are relevant and engaging. These images can be conveying your emotions or attitude, informational images in combination with your tweet or a hilarious meme.

Tip 9 – Use Questions

X has a nice poll feature where you can tweet out questions to your followers. This is a great method to creating engagement, this is a way for your followers to share their opinions anonymously. Because of this, they feel more comfortable engaging.

Aside from the poll feature you can also tweet a question without a poll. This is an excellent way to ignite a conversation. Followers will either reply in their comments or through the quotes tweets. Quote tweets are the best way to increase engagement, particularly with a question as your followers will show their followers their answer or opinion on the question.

Questions can also be used to understand your followers better, the way you use them is all up to you. Asking the right question, at the right time e.g., during a viral trend could lead to your question also becoming viral.

Tip 10 – Demand Engagement!

This tip must used appropriately! You can’t go around asking for likes or retweets so plainly, there must be an incentive or people won’t take the tweet seriously and will just see it as an advertising method.

For a brand account, they could make a competition e.g., “Retweet this and follow us for a chance to win this!”

A method that works with any type of account is “Retweet if you agree with this” Although this is an attempt to gather engagement utilising it correctly can create great outcomes.

Extra Pro Tip – Followers don’t mean everything!

Yeah, followers give you extra cool points and bragging rights but they’re not the key to success! You should be prioritising engagement always. It’s better to have 100 followers and 80 of them constantly interact with your tweets than to have 1,000 and only have 50 interact with your tweets.

Although the account with 1,000 followers has more potential reach, the account with 100 followers is surpassing the engagement of 1,000 and the path to successful tweets is all about engagement.


These tips can work for any type of account on X, from small personal accounts to large brands. Although some tips are more catered to certain types all tips can benefit any type of X account if utilised in the correct way and appropriate context.

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