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Welcome to my projects page, where creativity meets strategy. Here, you'll discover a collection of my work that showcases my journey in digital marketing and advertising, each project a testament to my passion for connecting brands with their audience through innovative solutions.

Channel 4 Pitch - #MissedCommunication

Team Member - Idea Generator

Our campaign for Channel 4, titled #MissedCommunication, aimed to shed light on disabilities that are not immediately visible, such as deafness, visual impairments, and non-verbal conditions, which often go overlooked in societal communication.


Inspired by my personal experiences with visual impairment and photophobia, the campaign sought to bring attention to the challenges faced by individuals with these conditions, emphasizing the need for greater awareness and understanding.


Despite fierce competition from six other ideas, our concept finished as a commendable second, highlighting the importance of recognizing and addressing these often-missed aspects of communication in our community.

Channel 44.heic

SnoVan - VR Campaign


In the Northampton SnoVan VR marketing project, my role as a copywriter involved crafting immersive VR scripts to guide users through the virtual reality experience, ensuring they understood how to operate the VR device and navigate the virtual environment. This initiative by my university played a crucial role in promoting night safety and awareness about alcohol consumption within the local community. Through this project, I gained invaluable insights into VR technology, enhancing my skills in creating engaging, user-friendly content for virtual environments.



Twitter Social Media Manager

The "No5Genkai" project, a university endeavor with friends focusing on anime content on social media, achieved its goal of 1 million impressions within just two weeks, showcasing the power of community engagement and targeted content. A standout Twitter post reached 230k impressions, supported by 109 retweets and 377 quote retweets, contributing significantly to the overall success. This milestone was reached after 22 community-focused tweets, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategy in engaging and growing our audience within the anime community.


Realm Voyager

Brand Manager

"Realm Voyager" is an upcoming social media brand and blog set to launch on March 1st, focusing on discussions around fictional works from books, games, movies, and more. It aims to foster discourse on the potential of fiction and its interconnections across genres and mediums. The project is in the production stage, with a vision to explore and connect different fictional realms, hence the name "Realm Voyager."

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