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Fawaz Hope

Enhanced Fawaz Hope's modeling portfolio with custom graphics and boosted his TikTok presence through strategic content planning and scheduling

My role - Digital Content Strategist and Designer

In collaboration with Fawaz Hope, an aspiring model, I spearheaded a project aimed at enhancing his digital presence and modeling portfolio. My responsibilities encompassed the design and creation of visually compelling graphics to showcase his modeling potential to prestigious agencies.

Recognising the importance of a strong social media footprint, I also took charge of strategizing his TikTok presence. This involved planning and execution of content creation, including ideation, content curation and post-production. Additionally, I implemented a strategic posting schedule to maximize engagement and audience growth. Through this comprehensive approach, we aimed to not only refine Fawaz's portfolio but also to bolster his visibility and appeal on a platform with significant influence in the modeling industry.

Partnership Propsal

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