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2024 - Currently

Influencer Marketing Specialist & Brand Consultant


Birmingham, UK

As an Influencer Marketing Specialist & Brand Consultant, I specialise in creating mutually beneficial relationships between brands and influencers. With a sharp eye for talent and strategic insight into the desires of brands, I nurture personalised connections that amplify brand messages and elevate influencer profiles. My total approach includes identifying promising influencers, enhancing their appeal to brands, and strategically matching them with opportunities that align with their values and goals.


Event Assistant

Club Sin

Aiya Napa, Cyprus

As an Event Assistant, my role involved spreading awareness of upcoming events through social media, liaising with DJs and local establishments like bars and clubs for collaborations, and supporting the main events team by handling communication with consumers. This multifaceted position required strong communication skills, creativity in promotional efforts, and effective coordination with different stakeholders to ensure the success of each event.



SnoVan, Northampton Council

Northampton, England

As a Copywriter for the SnoVan project in Northampton, I developed engaging content to promote awareness around the dangers of unsafe nights out through a VR experience. My role involved crafting compelling narratives and messages that effectively communicated the project's goals and engaged the target audience. This work required creativity, a deep understanding of the project's objectives, and the ability to translate complex issues into accessible and impactful content, contributing significantly to the project's success and its educational mission

2021 - 2022

Social Media Assistant

University of Northampton

Northampton, England

In my role as a Social Media Assistant for my university's social media team, I was responsible for recording content, scheduling posts, creating graphics and video edits, and managing our social media community. This position required a blend of creativity and organizational skills to effectively engage our audience and promote university events and news across various platforms. My contributions supported the team in maintaining a dynamic and interactive online presence, fostering a connected and informed university community.

Other Experiences


Head Bartender

Club Sin

Aiya Napa

In my role as Head Bartender at Club Sin in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, I led the bar team in one of the town's most vibrant nightlife spots. This position required expert cocktail creation, inventory management, and exceptional customer service skills to ensure guests enjoyed a memorable experience. My responsibilities also included training staff, developing innovative drink menus, and maintaining high standards of cleanliness and organization, all while contributing to the club's lively atmosphere and reputation as a go-to destination for nightlife.

2022 - 2024

Waiter / Bartender

Turtle Bay

Northampton, England

In my role at Turtle Bay as a Waiter & Bartender, I was responsible for delivering exceptional service to guests, crafting and serving a variety of cocktails, and managing the bar area efficiently. This position required excellent communication skills, a deep knowledge of mixology, and the ability to provide a memorable dining and drinking experience, all while maintaining the vibrant and lively atmosphere Turtle Bay is known for.



Heavenly Desserts

Northampton, England

As a Barista at Heavenly Desserts, my role centered on crafting high-quality coffee and specialty drinks, providing outstanding customer service, and ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for guests. This position demanded a passion for coffee, attention to detail in drink preparation, and the ability to create a memorable experience for those indulging in our array of desserts. 

2021 - 2022

Team Member

Home Bargains

Northampton, England

As a Team Member at Home Bargains, my role involved assisting customers, restocking shelves, and maintaining store cleanliness. This position required strong teamwork skills, attention to detail, and the ability to provide a positive shopping experience for customers, contributing to the store's efficiency and welcoming atmosphere.


2019 - 2023

University of Northampton

BA Advertising & Digital Marketing

Northampton, England

My Advertising and Digital Marketing course was a crucial stepping stone, offering a mix of theory and practical application. It equipped me with essential skills and introduced me to a network of professionals and peers, laying a solid foundation for my growth and connections in the marketing industry.

2017 - 2019

Halesowen College

Level 3 Business

Halesowen, England

Taking my Level 3 Business course was a game-changer, steering me towards a marketing career. It wasn't just about the theory; it was how the course made the world of marketing come alive, blending practical examples with foundational knowledge. This course was where my passion for marketing ignited, showing me the power of strategic communication and branding in the business world.

Professional skillset

Social Media Managment

Creative Campaign Development

Content Creation & Curation

Digital Analytics

Event Coordination 

Digital Marketing Strategy


English (native)

French (proficient)

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